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Career stories on film: academic careers (Science, Engineering and Technology)

by Fiona Christie on December 18, 2009

This is the second in a series of 4 films from the PhD Futures careers day we ran here at Salford in June 2009.  Subsequent films will include PhD graduates working outside of academic careers.

The film is about 30 minutes long and the speakers are:

Barry Richards – Research fellow from the School of Health, Sport and Rehabilitation Sciences at Salford University, currently working on a research project sponsored by the global footwear company Scholl.

Rob Aspin – Senior lecturer in Computing at the University of Salford

Janice Whatley  – Lecturer in IT at the University of Salford

None of these speakers have had traditional paths into an academic career and for all of them it was something they came to after trying many other possibilities.

There is a 4th person in the film, Ruth Grady, a Life Sciences academic from the University of Manchester. Unfortunately the sound did not work for her. The frustrations of technology. Will get it perfect next time.

Click here to watch the film.

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It’s really exciting to see such post and film. I also wanna make my career in this line and I always like to see work by other people through which I can take inspiration and your posts are simply great.


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