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Desperately seeking Physicists

by Fiona Christie on December 8, 2009

My colleague Anna Tayler recently went to a Physics Careers information day for University Careers staff and came back with the message that employers are desperately seeking physicists.

The employers of physicists present at the day were QinetiQ, CERN,  and AREVA.

Much of the shortage of physicists seems to be around technical and research development. In particular the nuclear and energy industries really seem to need Physics graduates. There were some different views expressed about PhD graduates at the event. Both CERN and Qinetiq have a high number of doctoral graduates working for them. AREVA said that they anticipate using more doctoral graduates as they move into the French job market, but that they don’t currently employ many.

For more information about careers in Physics, the Institute of Physics have some excellent information.

Physics does seem to be a subject area where employers just can’t get enough.

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The present research in particle physics has been progressing very quickly in recent decades thanks to the effort of a large and motivated community of experimentalists and theorists. According to an oversimplified scheme, the experimental effort goes along two main lines which we could broadly identify as the ‘high-intensity’ and the ‘high-energy’ roads.


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