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Salford Enterprise prize winners

by Fiona Christie on November 23, 2010

In the summer we advertised an Enterprise competition for researchers. I am really pleased to announce that this EPSRC-funded Enterprise prize has resulted in a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Salford researchers  working together to facilitate an Enterprise training programme, supported by social media tools available via the University’s embryonic Virtual Doctoral School.

Early in October, five groups of brave researchers entered our very own Salford Dragons den pitching for a £2000 prize to develop activities to support entrepreneurial skills amongst our researchers (both students and staff members).

The dragons were; Professor Christos Kalantaridis, Associate Head (Research & Innovation), Salford Business School; Claire MacLean,  Associate director,  Student Life (Careers & Employability); Andrew Hampson, Head of Commercial and Technology Transfer.

The outright winner of the prize was David C Roberts who is doing a PhD in Enterprise education.  His mentor in devising his project was Cristina Costa who is a PhD researcher in Learning Technologies as well as a staff member.

The dragons were so impressed with the other pitches and particularly wanted to encourage our research students that they asked some of the researchers to collaborate with David to submit an enhanced proposal making a further £1000 available. As a result, five other research students Jenna Condie (Psychology), Eleanor Jackson (Built Environment), Arash Raeisi (Information Systems), Matthew Trump (Business/information security) and Charlie Mydlarz (Acoustics) will be working alongside David C Roberts.

Congratulations to all the researchers who will now be involved in this Enterprise project over the next few months. Details of all activities will soon be announced.

For further details of this project, you can contact me at

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