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Are you the next big thing?

by Tahira Majothi on March 20, 2011

Are you an Entrepreneur? Would you like to be? 

I decided to write a post because of a relatively low turn-out for the first of our three SPoRT sessions focusing on Enterprise skills training. As you can imagine a bit disappointing for us. We decided to include Enterprise sessions to highlight another possible career path open to you.

Just to put it in some context, you may be aware of the Government’s wish to create ‘Enterprise Zones’ in the North and Midlands and according to BBC ‘s coverage of the Conservatives’ Spring Conference, David Cameron is keen to encourage enterprise to aid the Economy. Mr Cameron has promised that this week’s budget (23rd March) will be the “most pro-growth this country has seen for a generation”. We will have to wait to see what this means in real terms but something to be aware of in terms of the labour market landscape.  

Last year the Guardian also ran an interesting piece on the role Universities were playing in helping to nurture entrepreneurs and innovators (Remember Microsft, Facebook and Google were developed by University students). The Guardian report referred to the Destination of leavers of Higher Education (DLHE) a survey sent out to graduates six months after graduation to capture their post university destinations, be it work, study, self employment or unemployment.

According to the findings, ‘the last six years have seen a 46% jump in the number of graduates describing themselves as self-employed or freelance. It has risen from 4,190 in 2002-03 – or 2.9% of employed graduates leaving university – to 6,130, or 4.1%, in 2008-09’. 

Whilst I’m not advocating just focusing on the next ‘big idea’ that will pay for your early retirement to a Caribbean Island, or a pitch to the BBC’s Dragon’s Den (although it didn’t harm our REDS Enterprise team who pitched their ideas to senior academics and are now flourishing) I would like to suggest that you take a look at our Enterprise focused activities, you never know something may inspire you.

Remember Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activities also relate to small changes in how you work. How you approach projects, how you judge the balance between realism and innovation and can you see opportunities where they don’t currently exist? Do you encourage debate, new approaches and critique of current practice? Do you consider the talent and input of a diverse team to be a conduit for creative and innovative ideas? Something to think about.

Enterprise Activities:

1. SPoRT  – Enterprise sessions:

Extreme Brand Makeover – 23rd March 2011

Business Start-up – 30th March 2011

2. North West Enterprise Conference: Motivate, Lead, Achieve! Friday 25th March.

The University of Salford is playing host to the NW Enterprise Conference. Guest speakers include motivational speaker John Amaechi and successful Dragon’s Den candidate Imran Hakim. There is plenty of opportunity to network, attend workshops and win prizes!

3. Origin – Business start-up incubation space to help you get your business off the ground. Gain access to business advice and support, office space and networking opportunities with other small businesses.

4. Enterprise teaching, societies including SIFE and resources are also available on our website.

Here’s a short video montage of Creative CEOs and MDs explaining their ideas and products in an Elevator Pitch style.

Think you can do better? Why not show us by getting involved with our Enterprise activities, another string to your bow!

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