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Careers Advice via Top Viral Videos of 2011

by Tahira Majothi on December 22, 2011

So we’re nearing the end of another year and winding down now for the Christmas break. I thought as a treat, I’d take a slightly different approach in my final blog post for this year and link some key careers advice to some of my favourite viral video hits of the year.

Please excuse the tone, it may be touchy feely and light hearted, but I promise I haven’t been hitting the eggnog. Hope you enjoy!

 1.    Starting out: The Big Wide World

Whether you’ve recently started at University or graduated, it is a big change. Like any transition, you try to find your footing in life and that’s where we come in. Within Student Life at the University of Salford we offer a range of support as well as Careers and Employability services. We can provide advice on how to start your career plans by way of appointments, workshops, fairs, employer presentations, enterprise-focused activities to name but a few. Check out our website. Did you know that as a Graduate of the University of Salford, you can still access these vital services for advice on CVs, career change, interviews etc? We also still have places on our Graduate Gateway scheme for unemployed/underemployed graduates, based in the North West, sign up now!

2.    Resilience is King!

My colleague Fiona has already blogged on the importance of resilience. As appealing as it would be to live life in bubble wrap, we all know that the real world does not work like that. There will be times when you are challenged, when you’ll feel overwhelmed or face disappointments. Take heed and reflect on the lessons learnt and get back up again to fight another day, because the right opportunity for you, is out there.

3.    Don’t stop believing!!

Ok don’t worry I’m out going to break into song and serenade you all with Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’:-). However I do feel that sometimes just the very thought of doing something new or out of our comfort zone can actually cause more anxiety than actually trying out new things. Why not use the new year to be braver, do something different, be it, exploring lateral career ideas and aspirations. Think about where would you like to be and who can help you. If you do not know where to start, then call in to see us. Use the New Year as a fresh clean start. Start positively, if you really want something, think about how to actively go out and get it. Plan ahead, have a wish list, do you need to shore up any skills gaps, get some work experience, have that CV checked, practice for that interview, write that blog, network with key decision makers, raise your digital identity etc. So what’s stopping you?

4.    Personality goes a long way!

Remember it’s not just about impressing at interview but also what happens once you secure the job! Teamwork goes a long way as will your interpersonal skills. It’s all about finding the right balance between being professional and knowing how to have fun with your colleagues.

5.    When you feel down and out, remember even the down and out can land a job!

Ted Williams was a former broadcaster who became homeless and landed a job when an interview with a local reporter went viral and people heard his “honey-toned” voice. Although Ted had a lot of issues to deal with, it does show that sometimes a chance meeting can really pay off and perhaps help you.

Remember we’re here to help you and support you during your time with us at Salford. You may require careers support or pastoral support. For instance, if you are staying on campus over the Christmas break or around campus, did you know that we have support available and have also organised activities for you.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year see you in 2012!!

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