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Want Industry insight? Your chance to quiz the professionals

by Tahira Majothi on February 2, 2012

A  2011 CBI Survey found that “employability skills are the single most important consideration for 82% of businesses when recruiting graduates. However 70% of employers said that university students need to do more to prepare themselves to be effective in the workplace”. 

Subsequently the CBI and NUS jointly produced an Employability Guide for students to help them better understand how they can meet the needs of the labour market.

As you may already be aware, in order to help you to effectively research employers and sectors, the Careers Service organises employer events, as well as CV checks, mock interviews and skills development workshops.

Furthermore our blogs, Facebook page and Twitter feeds (@salfordpgrs and @UoSCareers) are set up to make you aware of upcoming careers events and opportunities, precisely aimed at helping you make informed choices and to be better prepared to meet employer expectations head on.

Now working with the Careers and Employability Service, it’s still not unheard-of, for students to say “I have no work experience” or “I’m not sure how to approach employers“ and on the other hand, employers tell us that some students still need to demonstrate their knowledge of companies and articulate why they chose to apply to them, make targeted applications and avoid bland introductions at Careers Fairs such as “So what do you do?” or “Have you got any jobs?”.

So let’s see, we have insight into both the student’s perspective as well as the employer’s, hmm, if only there was some further way to bring the two together in say, I don’t know, an informal setting to discuss:

  • Recruitment processes
  • Application tips
  • Current trends/challenges in their sector
  • The key skills employers are seeking
  • How employers are using social media when it comes to recruitment
  • Work experience opportunities

Oh wait there is! We are launching a series of Industry Insight talks, giving you a chance to meet with employers from a wide variety of sectors and gain some insider knowledge as well as careers advice from people like actually in the role. All you have to do is turn up, could not be any simpler!

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